Peace abroad. Justice at home.

I am a progressive Democrat running for Congress against AIPAC-backed Rep. Dan Goldman in NYC’s 10th Congressional District to advocate for an IMMEDIATE and PERMANENT CEASEFIRE in Palestine and Israel.

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About Evan

Evan Hutchison is a political organizer with over two decades of experience in progressive electoral and advocacy campaigns who is running for Congress to fight for peace in Palestine and Israel and justice at home. He is calling for:

  • an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Palestine and Israel
  • affordable housing in New York’s Tenth Congressional District
  • an uncompromising federal defense of abortion rights and bodily autonomy for everyone
  • expansion of legislative protections against LGBTQ discrimination
  • restorative economic justice through a Federal fund for household and personal debt consolidation and an investigation of means for enacting reparations

As a member of Congress, Evan will be a leader in the demand for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza and go further to stop the genocide and build a peace that recognizes Palestinian and Israeli sovereignty using the diplomatic power of the U.S. He supports the current Egyptian-Qatari deal as of May 12th, 2024.

Since 2002, Evan has led prominent Democratic campaigns battling Republicans’ extremist takeover of reproductive health care and the GOP’s anti-LGBTQ agenda. His work in the Bush-Kerry presidential campaign was featured in the IFC documentary “… So Goes the Nation,” highlighting his electoral strategy of empowering grassroots, peer-to-peer outreach.

In New York’s Tenth District, Evan served as the campaign manager in 2008 for Paul Newell’s state Assembly campaign that nearly toppled the powerful darling of real estate developers Shelly Silver, who was later convicted on federal corruption charges and forced to resign. As manager, Evan helped his first-time candidate garner the trifecta of endorsements from the New York Times, the Daily News, and the New York Post. 

Evan’s connections to the Tenth District go back to 2001, when he lived in the infamous 247 Water Street building that sparked the expansion of the Loft Law to DUMBO. Evan is a proud graduate of Columbia College in New York City and recipient of a Masters of Public Administrationfrom the Harvard Kennedy School, where his focus was political advocacy and leadership. 

He returned to NYC to empower activists and the creative community to make their voice heard in state, city, and national politics through his work as a board member of Downtown for Democracy. One of his core areas of advocacy has been abortion rights. Evan used resources raised by the Abortion Is Normal exhibits, featuring the artists Marilyn Minter, Cindy Sherman, and Laurie Simmons, to help defeat Republican members of Congress in swing states in 2018 and managed an unprecedented all-volunteer-driven abortion rights amendment effort in Arizona in 2022.

Get in touch: [email protected] / 917-719-3472

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