On the Issues

Evan is running for Congress with grassroots support to remain a fiercely vocal fighter for policies that enable New Yorkers to thrive. 

Congestion Pricing

Evan is completely for it and is disappointed in Governor Hochul’s betrayal of NYC and democratic principles.

Green New Deal

Evan stands firmly behind the groundbreaking Green New Deal bills legislators including AOC and Jamaal Bowman have introduced. These initiatives address the urgent threat of climate change and lay the groundwork for a just and equitable economy. They emphasize massive investments in clean energy, modern infrastructure, and green jobs, ensuring that we transition away from fossil fuels in a way that lifts up our most vulnerable communities. By championing GND legislation, Evan is committed to creating sustainable, resilient environments and empowering workers with the skills and opportunities needed for a prosperous green economy. This is more than a climate plan; it’s a comprehensive strategy for economic revival, public health, and social justice, promising a thriving future for all.

Peace in Palestine and Israel

Evan’s campaign starts with the immediate moral need for the U.S. to rein in the far-right Israeli government and recognize its intent to destroy the Palestinian nation and decimate its people. As a new voice in Congress, Evan will raise the visibility of a broader solution involving negotiations with multiple regional parties, respecting Palestinian and Israeli sovereignty, implementing hostage releases, and bringing accountability for war crimes committed by Hamas and the Netanyahu government.

Israel’s response to Hamas’ heinous Oct. 7 attack killing over 800 civilians was disproportionate and is being conducted illegally in its targeting of civilians. As of today (5/12/2024), over 39,000 Palestinian civilians have been killed in Israel’s unchecked military response. Rep. Dan Goldman joined a late call for a temporary ceasefire in February, but it has no teeth and only allows for admittance of aid and a definite resumption of the slaughter. Unlike Goldman, Evan recognizes the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in hearing South Africa’s charges of genocide against the Israeli government and, as a member of Congress, will work to ensure U.S. compliance with the ICJ’s decisions. Evan also supports Rep. Rashida Tlaib in her efforts to defend the Palestinian people and condemns Dan Goldman’s vote to censure her.

Tackling the Housing Crisis

Evan will aggressively pursue solutions at the federal level to the high cost of rental housing and lowering homeownership rates in New York City neighborhoods by taking on hugely powerful Wall Street firms. Number one on his agenda is enforcing existing rent stabilization laws and bringing transparency to the real estate market by creating a breakthrough, publicly available database of rent-stabilized units. 

Building off this resource, Evan will help create an NYC tenants’ union with a litigation fund that levels the playing field in court between tenants and landlords. Evan’s vision for this unique community union poses a stark contrast with Dan Goldman’s superwealthy investment donors

Going further, Evan will push for the End Hedge Fund Control of American Homes Act, a bill introduced in Congress that would ban hedge fund giants from purchasing up single-family homes and condos, a potentially landmark change that would rebalance the housing market. Also, Evan will support the creation and federal funding of a Social Housing Development Authority to build low- and middle-income housing. He supports an immediate expansion of the Section 8 program and an extension of the deadline to find housing to 6 months.

Abortion Rights & Access

Evan’s political organizing has been focused on defending individual bodily autonomy. Evan will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the most passionate advocates in Congress for access to abortion, reproductive health care, gender-affirming care, and protect a woman’s right to seek an abortion across state lines — without fear of prosecution or imprisonment, an area where the federal government can bring its full legal force to bear.

Evan will fight to keep the issue of abortion access and reproductive rights front and center in Congress by calling for direct aid (including cash cards to facilitate access to care in the Free States and money for legal representation) to women in the Red States who are barred from access.

Ultra-conservative provisions prosecuting women with charges — up to murder — for seeking care across state lines are in clear violation of the Constitution. The Biden administration has made some moves to implement protections, but it has not gone far enough.

LGBTQ Rights and Protections

  1. Evan believes we need to protect the LGBTQIA+ community across this country from privacy violations resulting from the death of Roe v Wade. Evan will propose anti-discriminatory legislation that anticipates these violations. 
  2. Standing in support of our anti-discrimination laws, means providing an enforcement budget with teeth. We need the Justice Department to actively prosecute discriminatory actions LGBTQIA+ and other communities in order for these protections to work. But enforcement is underfunded. Evan wants to vastly increase the Justice Department’s enforcement budget for prosecuting discrimination. 

Economic Justice

Access to equitable and fair credit is crucial for any family or individual. Evan proposes a multi-trillion dollar debt fund for Americans to consolidate their underwater mortgages, collections debt, high-interest student loans, and other onerous obligations at an interest rate below the Fed rate. We bailed out Wall Street in 2008 with massive loans at 0% interest rates, why can’t we bail out individuals and families?

The historical legacy of slavery continues to cause systemic economic inequality that must be addressed. Evan believes we need to acknowledge where the Federal government has been active and complicit in perpetuating racism. An easy place to start is to hold hearings on the legacy and continuation of the discriminatory mortgage lending practice known as “redlining.”

He will work to advance H.R. 40, a measure to establish a “Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans (that) shall examine slavery and discrimination in the colonies and the United States from 1619 to the present and recommend appropriate remedies.”

Medicaid for All

We saw during the pandemic that it was possible to extend coverage to those Americans who couldn’t afford Obamacare on the exchanges or get coverage through an employer. This would be simple and quick to reinstate and alleviate untold financial hardship and physical suffering for millions of New Yorkers and Americans.

Tax the Billionaires

Evan wants income tax rates that the 1% will feel. He wants to restore high inheritance tax rates for outsized fortunes and implement tax rates that represent and recognize all of the public and natural resources consumed in building the fortunes of billionaires. That money is desperately needed for healthcare, environmental remediation, education, and green infrastructure.